Multimedia refers to any application has uses a combination of multiple media, to include text, graphics, animations, audio and video, to convey information. EGB provides an array of linear and non-linear multimedia solutions. Our highly talented team of creative services providers uses state-of-the-art technology to create multimedia works that are original in idea, rich in design, inspiring in graphics & animation, and bring your imagination to life.
          We have worked with a board array of industry leaders over the years, an experience that empowers us with a unique perspective to requirements of clients from diverse domains. We deliver rich multimedia experience for a range of objectives in

• Automotive • Aerospace • Engineering
• Medical • Bio Technology • Architecture
• Gaming • TV/Films/Websites/Other Media

We ensure high-end multimedia products that deliver rich interactive experience through partnerships with select entertainment concerns, music houses, photography studios, music and audio & video design firms.

Arrow Our infrastructure that Enables Creation of Powerful Multimedia
          We transform visual experience through our services. Our high-end technology and an impressive team of multimedia experts, each proficient and experienced in a district discipline of multimedia, enable us to deliver even the most complex of 2D/3D animations. Our resources include

• Advanced Pentium Core2 Duo Machines
• Advanced Graphic Cards with High Memory Capacity
• High-End 3D Modeling Software
• State-of-The-Art Animation
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